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Indian Adept: Virupa (Sachen's Vision)

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The subject of the painting is from a vision of Sachen Kunga Nyingpo when he saw Virupa in the sky accompanied by the four mahasiddhas: Kanha, Gayadhara, Kotalipa and Vinapa.

"...while staying in the Zimkang Nyingma known as the Manjushri Cave of Lhabrang Shar and praying, Lama Gonpawa appeared and gave the complete instructions....

Again from praying fervently arose the Holy Lord of Yoga with a body brown in colour, radiant like the sun, with the two hands performing the Dharma Wheel mudra, the two legs in vajra posture resting on bal drog to mon drog (the two hills behind the North Monastery of Sakya), in a manner with the white earth (sakya) as a back drop.

On the right is the great mahasiddha Kanhapa, the right hand in meditative equipoise and the left blowing a horn. On the left is Pandita Gayadhara, wearing white garments, in vajra posture, holding a vajra and bell to the heart. Behind is Kotalipa holding a parasol. In front is Vinapa holding a nectar filled skullcup. The three mahasiddhas are blue-black in colour with long hair, wearing white garments and gazing towards the master.

Over the course of one month he [Virupa] taught Hevajra Guruyoga [Lamzab Lamai Naljor], Common and Uncommon Virupa Guruyoga [Bir Srung tunmongwa and tunmong ma yin pai], the Virupa Tradition Vajravidarana and the seventy-two Tantras..."

(Translated fall 2000. Lopshe Collection vol.14. Kyentse Trikor, folio 124-125).

Jeff Watt 6-2006