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Buddhist Deity: Chakrasamvara (Masterworks, Painting)

Chakrasamvara Main Page | Masterworks Male Iconography, 男性尊神

Chakrasamvara Selection:
- Painting & Textile (below)
- Mandala
- Sculpture
- Sculpture Miscellaneous
- Chakrasamvara, White, 勝樂金剛
- Textile Masterworks: #90916, #101608

- Chakrasamvara Masterwork: HAR #85746
- Mandala Deity Assembly

A Selected Masterworks Page has been created to look at the very best examples of the Chakrasamvara form in painting and sculpture from both an art and aesthetics, i.e. Art History point of view and from a Religious Studies point of view. A chronology page will be added later along with a further analysis of the different forms of the deity, most of which are now represented on the HAR site as central figures or minor figures in paintings.

Jeff Watt [updated 6-2020]