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Painting Set: Kalachakra (Mongolia)

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Seven unique paintings of Kalachakra from Shankh Monastery, Mongolia, courtesy of Don Croner. (See the Don Croner Quick Guide on the HAR website).

"Shankh Khiid, in Ovorkhangai Aimag about 200 miles west of Ulaan Baatar. The original ger monastery was founded nearby in 1647 by Zanabazar, the first Bogd Gegen of Mongolia. The monastery at this site dates from sometime later. The main temple at the monastery now contains seven Kalachakra depicting all 722 Kalachakra deities and many other depictions connected with the Kalachakra. These thangkas, which are the only ones of their kind in Mongolia, were hidden in a cave during the communist era by Lama Gombo (see below) and another local man. They were only brought out of hiding in the early 1990s." (Don Croner).