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- The differences between the blue coloured Kneeling Achala and the White kneeling Achala are primarily the colour. The blue Achala typically has black hair in a manner similar to Chakrasamvara or Kalachakra. The white Achala has reddish hair flaming upward. The blue Achala bites down on the lower lip while the white Achala has a standard wrathful gaping mouth.

In terms of function the blue Achala is employed for removing obstacles similar to Hayagriva, Vignantaka and Vajrapani. The white Achala is a Wisdom Producing Deity similar to Manjushri, Sarasvati, Maitreya and White Vajravarahi.

"...in the realm of Abhirati in the eastern direction... ...the Bhagavan Achala, with a body white in colour, like sunrise on a snow mountain reflecting many rays of light; one face, two hands, the right holding aloft a sword to the sky and the left in a wrathful gesture at the heart holding a vajra lasso with the ends hovering above the shoulder, bared fangs and a curled tongue, slightly smiling and wrathful, with three eyes glancing rapidly, mustache and eyebrows shining and yellow hair flowing upwards tied with a blue-green snake, with Akshobhya as a crown, adorned with various jewel ornaments and having a lower garment of various silks. The heel of the right foot and the left knee press on the seat in the manner of rising, having a graceful and heroic appearance, dwelling in the middle of a burning mass of the fire of pristine awareness."

(Written by Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub (1497-1557). sGrub Thabs Kun bTus, vol.2, fol.566-568).

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