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Buddhist Deity: Dorje Shugden Tanag (Minor Figure)

Dorje Shugden Black Horse | Dorje Shugden Iconography

Dorje Shugden Tanag (riding a black horse), according to the Sakya Tradition, depicted as a minor figure in the compositions of the paintings below. Shugden is often placed with the group known as the Three Kings in compositions of Panjarnata Mahakala as the central figure along with other wisdom and worldly protectors of the Sakya tradition. The Three Kings can also be found included in some Ngor School paintings but otherwise rare with the larger body of Sakya related schools such as Tsar, Bulug, Bodong, Jonang and Dzongpa. (See three minor figures cropped and arranged side by side).

There are at least three compositions which also depict the image of Drogon Wangdu Nyingpo (c.1763-c.1806): Patriarch of the Khon Family, the 32nd Sakya Tridzin, the second Padmasambhava of this Age and a renowned Terton (finder of Revealed Treasure).

Jeff Watt [updated 9-2022]