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Jeff Watt [updated 2-2019]

Lowo Khenchen Sonam Lhundrub (glo bo mkhan chen bsod nams lhun grub. b.1456/1441 - d.1532/1525) was born into the ruling house of Lo Montang (glo mon thang), also known as Mustang, the third son of ruler Amgon Zangpo (a mgon bzang po, b. 1420), of the Sanam (sa gnam) branch of the Kyungpo (khyung po) clan. His mother was named Palkyong (dpal skyong), a member of the Tagra Lugong (stag ra klu gong) clan. His birth name was Drub Tashi (grub bkra shis). (biography continued).

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