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The miscellaneous objects in this gallery were formerly in the James and Marilynn Alsdorf collection (Chicago). The strength of the collection is clearly the sculpture. Many Indian, Himalayan and South Asian objects in the Art Institute of Chicago collection were gifts of Mr. and Mrs. Alsdorf. What is represented here is only a small part of the complete collection which is now mostly dispersed.

One of the most beautiful pieces on display below is the Manjushri figure from Kashmir, dated to the 10th century, 5 1/4 inches tall (13.4 cm). The body is well modeled and the rounded musculature and sculpted features are clearly visible. Note the silver inlay eyes. The iconography is some what unusual with the left hand holding both the Prajnaparamita book and the stem of an utpala flower which in turn supports a bowl. The tip of the sword is marked with a half vajra. The legs are in a relaxed posture with the right over left.

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