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Lineage Single Composition

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Video: Dual Lineages

3. The Dual Type lineage composition means that two distinct lineages are represented in the same composition. The beginning, the first figure of the lineage, as in the Alternating type, is at the top central position with one unique lineage of teachers (figures) placed to the left and then descending down the vertical register on the left side and a second unique lineage of teachers placed to the right and then descending down the right register. Sometimes, depending on the length of the lineage and number of teachers included, the central figure at the top may be moved slightly to the right of left side to accommodate an uneven number of figures calculated between the two unique lineages [see example].

The depictions of Lama Tsongkapa with the Yogachara and Madhyamaka Lineages descending from the upper right and left are an excellent example of the Dual Lineage Composition.

Examples without Registers:
Gelug Lineage Teachers
Gelug Lineage Teachers

Jeff Watt [updated 8-2020]

(The images below are only a selection of examples).