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Buddhist Deity: Eight Pronouncement Heruka

Heruka (Nyingma)

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Religious Context

- Eight Pronouncement Heruka (Part 1)
- Eight Pronouncement Heruka (Part 2)
- Nyingma Heruka Deities (Part 1)
- Nyingma Heruka Deities (Part 2)
- Mahottara Heruka

The Eight Heruka are believed to have been discovered by eight Indian teachers known as the Eight Vidyadhara. The were found in a stupa at the Cool Grove Charnel Ground (Sitavana) some several miles from the modern day location of Bodhgaya. There are several competing origin myths. The figure of Mahottara is also included in the origin myths of the Eight Heruka and in some rituals combined into a mandala practice with 725 deities in total.

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Jeff Watt 6-2003 [updated 5-2017]

Lotsawa House: Kagye Series

bod brgyud nang bstan lha tshogs chen mo bzhugs so, 2001. ISBN 7-5420-0816-1. Pages 823-835.

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