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Bhutan: Bumthang Ura Dzong (A. Maki Archive)

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Bumthang Ura Dzong: (site name: Ura Dzong; location: Ura Valley, Bumthang) Ura is the easternmost of Bumthang's four consitutent valleys, and its dzong (administrative-monastic complex) serves a small local populace. Ura hosts an annual festival known as the Ura Yakchoe in honor of the local protective deity, who manifests as a black yak. Near to Ura are the monasteries of Sombrang, affiliated with Pema Lingpa (pad+ma gling pa, 1450-1521), and Shingkar, founded by Longchen Rabjampa (klong chen rab 'byams pa, 1308-1364).

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