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Mongolia: Winter Palace Museum (Vajrabhairava Paintings)

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Two more outstanding paintings at the Winter Palace Museum are focussed on the subjects of Vajrabhairava and Jetsun Dampa. The first painting is dominated by a a large mandala in the upper half of the composition and an image of the white multi-faced, multi-armed, Sitatpatra at the bottom center. The second painting has a depiction of Vajrabhairava with consort at the center of the composition with numerous large squares containing narrative vignettes in registers at the top, sides and bottom of the painting. The secret life story and spiritual experiences of Jetsun Damapa are depicted in both paintings. Extensive explanatory inscriptions can be found on the front and back of the paintings.

1. Vajrabhairava Mandala & Sitatapatra

2. Vajrabhairava & Retinue Deities

(Learn more about this painting from the publication: MONGOLIAN BUDDHIST ART: MASTERPIECES FROM THE MUSEUMS OF MONGOLIA. Volume I, Part 1 & 2: Thangkas, Embroideries, and Appliques. Edited by Zara Fleming and J. Lkhagvademchig Shastri. Serindia Publications, 2011. ISBN 978-932476-37-8).