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Buddhist Deity: Amitabha Buddha (Sukhavati Circular Format)

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Amitabha depicted in the Sukhavati Heaven is a common image in Himalayan and Tibetan art. It is an iconic symbol and subject representing Mahayana Buddhism in general. The basic figures, characters, and scenes are common for most representations in all of the different traditions despite having several composition and artistic styles and types.

The Circular Format is the second of the three format composition types. This format appears to have originated in or around Tashi Lhunpo Monastery of Tsang Province, Tibet. The subject of the composition is dominated by a large circular enclosure containing the essential elements of the painting. The large figure of Amitabha Buddha is presented in the middle along with a tree and palace, accompanied by the Eight Great Bodhisattvas.

Jeff Watt 11-2012 [updated 8-2019]

84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha: The Display of the Pure Land of Sukhāvatī (Sukhāvatī­vyūha, Ārya­sukhāvatī­vyūha­nāma­mahā­yāna­sūtra, ’phags pa bde ba can gyi bkod pa zhes bya ba theg pa chen po’i mdo)