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Subject: Humans with Animal Attributes

Humans with Animal Attributes | Animal Headed Gods & Deities

Humans with Animal Attributes: There are at least three human figures that are also depicted with animal characteristics. The first is Nagarjuna who is typically shown with five or seven snakes above the head. The second is Gyalwa Chogyang, a student of Padmasambhava, that is typically depicted with a green horse head atop his own head. The third is Shridhara, an Indian teacher sometimes included in sets of the Eighty-four Mahasiddhas. Shridhara is associated with the Chakrasamvara, Vajrabhairava and Yamari teaching lineages.

Video: Animal Headed/Featured Forms

- Nagarjuna - Snake hood
- Gyalwa Chogyang - horse head above
- Shridhara - buffalo head

Jeff Watt 6-2011 [updated 12-2012]