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There are many forms and traditions of Hayagriva. The majority of forms and different appearances must certainly be found with the Nyingma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

The forms depicted here are of a single face, two armed, red, wrathful Hayagriva, holding a hooked/curved knife and skullcup. He embraces a consort similar in appearance. Of the two earliest known depictions of this subject one is in the form of a mandala, HAR #30911 and the other a depiction of the principal deity, HAR #77185

In general from the several representations that are known the consort can appear red in colour and sometimes blue. One specific form of the deity is known as Hayagriva-Vajravarahi Chintamani (Tibetan: ta pag yi shin nor bu. English: the Wish-fulfilling Jewel, Horse-necked One and Vajra Sow). This form and practice was the principal meditational deity of the famous 19th century Eastern Tibetan teacher named Shabkar (1781-1851) [p287].

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