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Subject: Hevajra Lotus Mandala & Centerpiece

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The Lotus Mandala below was originally created to depict the Hevajra Nine Deity Mandala. The central figure of Hevajra embracing the consort Vajra Nairatmya is missing and presumed lost. The small sculpture below on the right was located and is almost a perfect match for the two missing figures at the center of the mandala. However, although the figures are correct in size for the center, the round base of the Hevajra figure is slightly too large to fit into the recessed circular slot of the mandala.

The very slight difference in size makes it clear that the two pieces, mandala and Hevajra, do not belong together but observing the eight inner figures of the retinue that are attached to the mandala and observing the facial features, body characteristics and attributes, then it is very likely and reasonable to assume that these two objects could have been made in the very same workshop and by the same craftsmen. (See other Lotus Mandalas).

Jeff Watt 2-2013