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HAR Technical Statement

Technical Statement | Introduction to Himalayan Art

Himalayan Art Resource is built on a flexible SQL database back end, which enables us considerable opportunity to expand the client-side user interface to accommodate any new programming standards, especially the robust new functionality of HTML 5, JQuery, and a variety of user interface conventions that have become more mainstream since HAR's inception. HAR is being constantly updated as a living, curated resource, interfacing with all major social media platforms to great response from a global community of experts and academics. Additionally we are consistently expanding our curatorial sophistication as new technology permits to generate more intuitive, simpler visual displays that can be used by the widest audience.

All of our objects are catalogued within an industry standard content management system, and our site pages are generated via database templates which are also standard to the industry best practices for developing and efficiently maintaining a large-scale archival quality website.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of user behaviour on the web via smart devices and augmented reality, and the advent of massive search-engine integration within nearly every facit of curated and modular content on the web, the site continues to leverage a relational database model that is capable of gracefully accommodating these new realities well into the future.

What HAR continues to develop on a daily basis, are new and better ways of presenting the content using updated interfaces and visual content categorization. Maintaining a close relationship with our user base through social media, we routinely gather and solicit useful content ideas and curatorial needs that can then be translated into more robust functionality on the site.

HAR Team [updated 1-2013]