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Buddhist Deity: Vairochana (Vajrashekhara Tantra)

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Vajrashekhara Samkshipta Kula Mandala, Vairochana, 1,271 Deities. (Sanskrit Text: vajrasekhara mahaguhya yoga tantra [Toh 480]. Tibetan: dpal rdo rje rtse mo rigs bsdus pa'i sgrub dkyil dbang chog dang bcas pa mkhas pa'i yid 'phrog).

"... in the middle is Bhagavan Vairochana, with a body white in colour, the two hands in the gesture of supreme enlightenment - holding a five pointed vajra of the tatagatas, a vajra jewel crown with fluttering silks, adorned with various ornaments. Wearing silk-like upper and lower garments. Seated above a lotus and moon with the legs in vajra posture; having the sun's rays as a backrest. With four faces, the first face looks to the East." (rgyud sde kun btus, volume 4, page 69).

Jeff Watt 8-2013