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Milarepa: the great poet yogi of Tibet surrounded by life story vignettes. This composition belongs to a three painting set. It is the second, 'right 1', of three paintings. Compositions one and three from the same painting set have not yet been located.

The Story titles and numbering below is based on the publication 'The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa" translated and annotated by Garma C. C. Chang. Shambhala Publications,1999. The final numbers below are the Tibetan page/folio numbers from a block print edition.

Story Numbers:
16. The Bandit Disciple. 68a3
17. The Meeting at Silver Spring. 69a4
18. The Song of the Staff. 84b4
19. The Twenty-one Exhortations. 89b4
20. Mila's Meeting with Kar Chon Repa. 90b4
21. Admonishment to Dharma Wangchug. 92b6
22. The Miracle Contest on Tise Snow Mountain. 96b6
23. The Enlightenment of Rechungpa. 102a2
24. The Conversion of a Dying Bonpo. 108a3
25. Challenge from a Clever Maiden. 116a5
26. The Huntsman and the Deer. 123a5
27. The Invitation from the King of Nepal. 130b1
28. The Goddess Tseringma's Attack. 134b4
29. The Conversion of Tseringma. 143b4
30. Guiding Instruction on the Bardo. 155a2
31. Tseringma and the Mudra Practice. 169a5
32. Admonishment to Repa Dorje Wangchug. 171a6
33. Mila's Meeting with Dharmabodhi. 172b5