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Sculpture: Figurative, Three Parts

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There are generally three distinct component parts to a sculpture: figure, base and back (torana). The first is the figure itself. Almost all of the figures in Himalayan art can be easily categorized into the Eleven Figurative Forms. There will of course always be exceptions. The second part of a sculpture is the base with four general types: throne, lotus, with legs and rock outcropping. The third part of a sculpture is the back (torana). Backs of sculpture are understood through the three periods of time beginning with early, middle and late torana designs. This is also the only part of the three sculptural components which is not always required or necessary.

Many of the sculpture on display in museum and private collections are often missing either the base or back of the sculpture. They can also have parts of crowns broken or damaged over time along with hand attributes, hands or entire arms, legs or lower torso - missing or damaged.

The images below are only a selection from the database, however all are complete with [1] figure, [2] base and [3] back.

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