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Subject: Transferance (Powa)

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Subjects, Topics & Types;
- Transference Definition (below)
- Amitabha/Amitayus Standing
- Sita Khechara (Khachod Karmo)
- Rakta Khechara (Khachod Marmo)
- Confusions
- Others...

Some of the images below depict scenes of 'transference' based on the Ngarpan Terdzo text of Ngari Panchen. Many different deities can be employed in the practice of 'transference'. There are however some meditational deities that are used specifically for the practice such as Kachod Karmo and Kachod Marmo of the Shangpa Tradition. Also, a standing Amitabha Buddha and a crouching Amitabha Buddha are also special for 'transference'.

Jeff Watt [updated 3-2017]