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Subject: Yutog Nyingtig Guruyoga

Yutog Yontan Gonpo Guruyoga | Yutog Yontan Gonpo

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The three images of Yutog Yontan Gonpo below hold similar but slightly different attributes. The over-all iconographic program of each follows very closely with the Yutog Lhadrub practice which is basically the same as a guruyoga meditation.

"...in the sky in front is a precious throne, in the middle of a
pavilion of rainbow light, above a lotus, sun and moon seat, ...is the teacher, Mahaguna, with a body white in colour, one face, two arms and the legs seated in vajra posture. The right hand is in the gesture of supreme generosity across the knee holding in the fingers the stem of a lotus blossoming at the right ear supporting a gold vajra and a silver bell. The left hand holds to the heart the stem of a lotus flower, blossoming at the ear, supporting a golden nectar filled vase. On the top are three blossoming flowers of saffron adorned with a precious white crystal jewel, vaidurya and Terminalia chebula. The hair on the head is tied with a knot, some falling loose over the back, tied with a garland of variously [coloured] flowers, wearing a combination of short and long white garments, five ornaments of pearls, sixteen years of age. Possessed of glorious marks and signs, charismatic and shining."

"Surrounding that, on the four petals of the lotus, stand the four Medicine Goddesses. In the east is the white Devi strumming a vaidurya vina. In the south is the yellow [Devi] playing a flute. In the west is the red [Devi] playing a vulture flute. In the north is the green [Devi] blowing a shin bone horn." (g.yu thog snying thig bla sgrub, pages 284-285).

Jeff Watt 3-2014 [updated 5-2017]

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