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- Yellow (solitary) Dharani Tradition
- Yellow (solitary) Vajrapanjara Tradition
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- Yellow Cow-herder (solitary, standing)
- Red Manohara (solitary)
- Red (solitary) Sakya Tradition
- Yellow (six hands, solitary & mandala)
- Five Deity Vasudhara
- Nine Deity Vasudhara
- Nineteen Deity Vasudhara
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There are several forms of the wealth goddess Vasudhara. The most popular and common in Tibetan art is the two armed form and the most common in Nepalese art is the six armed form.

"Vasudhara, with one face and two hands. The right [hand] in the gesture of supreme generosity and the left holds tufts of rice and a vase, showering down various jewels. Having jewel ornaments and garments of silk. Completely surrounded by friendly beings. Seated in the vajrasana [posture]." (Konchog Lhundrub, 1497-1557. From the One Hundred Methods of Accomplishment).

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