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Forms of Vajra Nairatmya (Tibetan: Dorje Dagmema):
1. Nairatmya, Solitary
2. Nairatmya (two arms) Fifteen Deity Mandala
3. Nairatmya (four arms) Twenty-three Deity Mandala
4. Nairatmya as consort of Hevajra
5. Nairatmya as depicted in lineage sets (Seated)
- Others...

Vajra Nairatmya (Tib.: dor je dag me ma [rdo rje bdag med ma]. English: the Selfless One, or Egoless One): from the Hevajra and Samputa Tantras - both early and important texts of the Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism. Nairatmya is a meditational deity and partner to Hevajra. There are many different forms and combinations of forms for the two deities, alone, or as a couple in ecstatic embrace.

"Vajra Nairatma, [with] a body black in colour, one face and two hands. The right [hand] holds aloft a curved knife and the left a skullcup to the heart, and carrying a katvanga [in the bend of] the elbow. Having three eyes and bared fangs. Yellow hair bristling upwards. A crown of five dry human skulls and a necklace of fifty. Adorned with the five ornaments of bone. Wearing a lower garment of tiger skin. Standing on a corpse seat in a dancing manner with the left leg extended in a half [vajrasana] posture." (Konchog Lhundrub, 1497-1557).

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