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Buddhist Deity: Tara, Red (Dzigar Terton Dragpo Tsal)

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Tara, Red, Secret Accomplishment according to the tradition of Dzigar Terton Dragpo Tsal (1740-1798), the 4th Dzigar incarnation [P691].

"..., to Arya Rakta Tara I bow and praise.

Above a lotus - free from attachment, a sun and moon - method and wisdom,
Bhagavan, your body ruby coloured,
With one face and two hands, in a peaceful joyous form;
To the complete marks and examples of sambhogakaya, I bow and praise.

An attractive smiling face, mark on the forehead & the [shape of the] nose,
Beautiful eyes like the petals of a blossoming lotus,
The hair black like a swarm of bees, tied in a braid;
To the swelling bosom and shapely [form], I bow and praise.

Holding a hook in the right hand & an utpala in the left,
Completely joyful, in the appearance of a youth of sixteen years,
Seated with the two legs - the right extended & the left drawn up;
In this world & beyond, to you the most attractive, I bow and praise.

The [very finest] in the world - gold, pearls, etc.,
Beautifully adorned with a crown, earrings, necklace, bracelets & anklets,
At the hips a garland of jewels;
To [you] adorned with a red utpala, I bow and praise.

Wearing heavenly upper garments, red & stainless,
The lower body wrapped with various garments, [crown] ribbons fluttering,
Having an attractive backrest of the 'powerful water crystal' [moon];
To the Mother of the Conquerors of the Three Times, I bow and praise."

(Dzigar Terton Dragpo Tsal, 1740-1798. Compiled by 'dzi sgar mkhan po 'jam dbyangs kyi phyogs sgrig mdzad pa. Volume 6, cha, page 89-108. Title: sgrol ma gsang sgrub kyi las byang dngos grub 'dod 'jo zhes bya ba bzhugs so by 'dzi sgar rdo rje drag po rtsal. Translation by Karma Gellek, 12-2012).

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