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Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara, Jinasagara (Mindrolling)

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Red Avalokiteshvara, Ocean of Conquerors (Tibetan: chen re zi gyal wa gya tso. Sanskrit: Avalokiteshvara Jinasagara): a meditational deity that has several different forms and lineage traditions. The first is the tradition of Mitra Yogin followed by the Karma Kagyu (Kamtsangpa) School with a number of different variations of the deity originating with Rechungpa. In the 17th century the Mindrolling Tradition of the Nyingma popularized a form of Jinasagara known as the Minling De Kun. In the later part of the century Lelung Zhepa'i Dorje popularized an entire cycle of meditations and teachings focusing exclusively on the female deity Guhya Jnana Dakini.

Four authors stand out as significant contributors to the tradition of Jinasagara:
(1) several Shamar incarnations,
(2) Karma Chagme,
(3) Minling Gyurme Dorje
(4) Palden Yeshe, 3rd Panchen.

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