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Publication: The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum (Sculpture)

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- Five Symbolic Buddhas in Pala style
- Five Symbolic Buddhas in Tibetan Monastic Period style
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It should be noted that despite the title of the publication there are many more Himalayan art style sculpture in the collection of the Palace Museum, possibly as many as 1000. Regarding the selection of sculpture chosen for this publication it is very difficult to distinguish between true Swat, Kashmiri and Indian examples and the many Qianlong period copies that were created.

There is disagreement between many modern scholars over the origin of the sculpture of the Five Symbolic Buddhas in Pala style. Some scholars believe they are authentic Indian Pala period while others believe they are late Qianlong copies possibly based, or modeled, on the similar set of sculpture in the Jokhang Temple collection, Lhasa, Tibet.

(See three noteworthy sculptures commissioned by the Qianlong Emperor that are not represented in this publication).

Jeff Watt 6-2019