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Video: Rasayana:The Extraction of the Essence of Substances, Real or Imagined

Rasayana (Tibetan: Chulen): the extracting of the essence 'rasa' from edible, inedible, animate and inanimate objects and substances. The function of the practices of rasayana are to sustain the physical body with supplemented, or solely on, substances, enhance the body and mind, or accelerate spiritual development, and or, particular abilities.

There are many different techniques used in the practice of rasayana. Visualization alone on a deity practice, veins and airs, or an element such as air, water or fire can be employed. Raw physical elements such as stones, various types of earth, or water can be employed. A combination of physical elements both organic and inorganic can also be used. Sometimes complex formulas are compounded and prepared as small round pills. The early references for rasayana practices are found in the Sanskrit tantra texts and commentaries.

The individuals depicted below were known for their unique abilities in the practice of rasayana: Yeshe Zhonnu, Ma Rinchen Chog, Pema Karpo and others.

Jeff Watt 6-2015

(The images below are only a selection of examples).