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Mahakala of the Jangter 'Northern Treasure' Tradition according to the lineage of Godemchen Ngodrub Gyaltsen (1337-1409).

The 'Jangter' Mahakala has three faces, six hands and four legs. The central face is blue, right white and left red. In the right hands are a wooden club, vajra sceptre and iron kila (peg). The left hands hold a skullcup and rakshasa mala [together], a hammer and the heart of an enemy [together], and a snake lasso. He wears a black cloak and the eight cemetery vestments and ornaments.

Textual descriptions of the figures are based on the Tibetan text 'dpal ldan mgon po bstan srung yongs rdzogs kyi 'phrin las' with the root text attributed to Godemchen Ngodrub Gyaltsen (1337-1409).

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