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Publication: Leaves From the Heaven Tree (Avadana Contents)

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Avadana Teaching Stories, Leaves From the Heaven Tree

(1) The Awakening of King Prabhasa.
(2) The Generosity of King Srisena.
(3) King Manicuda's Perfection of Giving.
(4) The Fall of King Mandhata.
(5) The Gift of Chandraprabha.
(6) Travels to the Island of Badara.
(7) The Maiden Muktalata, a story of cause and effect, a young girl, pride and rebirth.
(8) The Householder Shri Gupta, about evil plans and perseverance.
(9) Jyotishka's Realization, religious rivalry, fortunes and attachment to wealth.
(10) Born from the Womb, a story about conception, birth, ignorance and attachment.
(11) Nanda and Sundari, of human and heavenly pleasures.
(12) Virudhaka's Revenge, the cause and effect from killing.
(13) The Yaksha Haritaka, the story of a daemoness that steals children and the karmic consequences.
(14) Performance of the Miracles, miraculous displays for the benefit of six tirthakas.
(15) Descent From Heaven
(16) Destruction of the Boulder
(17) Prophesy of Maitreya
(18) The Justice of King Dashamukha
(19) The Past Lives of Shariputra
(20) Shronakotikarna Learns the Power of Karma
(21) Amrapali and the King
(22) Donation of the Grove
(23) The Meeting of Father and Son
(24) Vishvantara's Perfection of Giving
(25) The Bodhisattva's Renunciation
(26) The Conquest of Mara
(27) The Origin of the Shakyas
(28) The Merit of Shrona Kotivimsha, a story about cause and effect and Shrona's quick attainments.
(29) The Elephant Dhanapala, a story about cause and effect; the Buddha subdues the mad elephant driven forward by the hatred of Devadatta.
(30) The Patience of Kashisundara, in a story about patience and a prince becoming a forest mendicant.
(31) Golden-Sides, the Deer Suvarnaparshva, a story about wisdom & a deer who became a bodhisattva.
(32) The Trials of Kalyanakari, a story about patience and love.
(33) The Integrity of Prince Vishakha, a story about morality, cannibalism and deceit.
(34) The Nagas Nanda and Upananda, Maudgalyayana subdues two troublesome nagas.
(35) The Householder Sudatta, several stories about the virtue of pure generosity.
(36) Ghosila, The Honest official, further stories about the virtue of gift giving.
(37) Purna's Power of Virtue, an illigitimate child grows up, renounces worldly life, becomes a monk and then an arhat.
(38) Mukapangu, The Idiot Cripple, a prince is faced with many difficulties while trying to become a monk.
(39) The Sage Kshanti's Demonstration of Patience
(40) The Fruition of Kapila's Karma
(41) The Conversion of King Udrayana
(42) The Results of Pandita's Generosity
(43) The Pure Conduct of King Kanakavarna, top right, a story about giving culminating in a rain shower of jewels upon the entire kingdom.
(44) Hiranyapani's Hands of Gold, a story about actions in a previous birth.
(45) Ajatashatru's Treachery, the evil deeds of a king and the consequences.
(46) Kritajna Discovers the Power of Truth, previous life stories of the Buddha and Devadatta.
(47) The Trunks of the Shala Trees, a story about cause and effect, naga princes and kings.
(48) Sarvarthasiddha's Visit to the Naga Realm, a story about diligence and motivation, the search for the wish fulfilling jewel.
(49) Hastaka's Good Fortune, a story about cause and effect. Beneath a tree, the Buddha Shakyamuni explains why the youth Hastaka possesses a golden elephant.
(50) Performing the Ten Actions, a story about cause and effect. Sitting in a city park, with the Vulture Peak mountain behind and above, the Buddha relates ten stories about actions and results.
(51) The Lady Rukmavati in a story about generosity gives away her two breasts and a Brahmin youth feeds his body to a mother tigress.
(52) Adinapunya Offers His Life, a story about generosity involving kingdoms, battles and greed.
(53) Subhashitagaveshin, seeker of Wisdom, searches his kingdom for a teacher rich in wisdom.
(54) Sattvaushadha's Power of Healing, a story about the perfection of meditation, a healing pond and the relief of suffering.
(55) King Sarvadana's Act of Mercy, a story of generosity, a king and a bird.
(56) Subjugation of the Naga Gopapala, a story of discipline and strength.
(57) Building of the Stupas, cause and effect.
(58) King Punyabala's Practice of Giving, a story of a king and generosity.
(59) The Trial's of Ashoka's Son Kunala, stories of cause and effect.
(60) The Naga Kumara's Request, the Buddha visits the Naga realms.
(61) The Farmer's Pure Offering, an offering of food to the Buddha.
(62) Yashoda Becomes an Arhat, the results of past actions.
(63) Mahakashapa's Home Departure.
(64) Sudhana and the Kinnaran Maiden
(65) Ekashringa's Decision
(66) Kavikumara's Retribution
(67) Sangharakshita's Spiritual Journey.
(68) Padmavati's Ordeal.
(69) Consecration of the Dharma King.
(70) The Arhat Madhyantika in Kashmir.
(71) Shanavasika's Humility.
(72) Upagupta's Conquest of Mara, a story of cause and effect, a prostitute and the daemon Mara.
(73) A letter to the Nagas, a story about King Ashoka, nagas and the Three Jewels.
(74) Ashoka Offers the Earth, an offering made as a promissory note.
(75) The Teaching of Pratityasamutpada, enumerating the sequence and 12 links of co-dependent origination.
(76) The Sea Monster Vidura, the results of past and future actions.
(77) The Conversion of Kaineyaka, the Buddha gives a teaching to the Four Direction Kings.
(78) The Fall of Shakra, the god Shakra seeks refuge in the Buddha.
(79) Mahendrasena's Burden of Wealth, a story about generosity and giving.
(80) Subhadra, the Buddha's last Disciple, a story of the meeting & previous life relationship of the two.
(81) Hetuttama: the Power of Refuge
(82) Deceit Leading to Hell
(83) Rahula's Six Years in the Wowb
(84) The Arhat Madhurasvara
(85) The Generosity of Prince Hitaisin
(86) The Partridge's Power of Virtue
(87) Padmaka's Ordeal
(88) The Son of Hastishayyati, a story about wisdom and a failed monk.
(89) The Liberation of Dharmaruchi, a story about cause and effect and his former births.
(90) Dhanika's Offerings, in a story about cause and effect and the source of his wealth.
(91) The Eloquence of King Shibi, a story about wisdom and a conversation with a daemon.
(92) The Daughter of Maitra, a story about patience and a boy given a girls name.
(93) The Pure Mind of Sumagadha. She invites the Buddha to visit her home.
(94) Yashomitra's Nectar of Merit. A story of drought, faith and water.
(95) The Tigress: The Karma of Generosity. The continuation of the story of the Buddha in a former life giving his body to a starving tigress.
(96) The Compassionate Elephant. An elephant saves 500 wicked men.
(97) The Tortoise's Gift. A turtle saves 500 merchants from drowning after a ship wreck.
(98) The Strength of Spirituality. The Buddha gives teachings to alledged barbarians.
(99) King Padmaka's Wishing Prayer. A story of healing. The Buddha in a former life prays to be reborn as a fish.
(100) Punyaprabhasa and the Karma of Desire, the story of an elephant is used as an example in a teaching on rampant desire.
(101) The Filial Love of Syamaka, honouring one's parents, a very sad story that ends well.
(102) The Compassionate Lion, the heroism and friendship between a lion and an elephant.
(103) Prince Priyapinda's Conciliation, a prince averts war between two neighbouring kingdoms.
(104) The Rabbit's Selfless Offering, a rabbit sings the praises of a reclusive forest lifestyle and then jumps into a bonfire.
(105) The Karma of the Sage Raivata, a humble monk explains that the laws of karma are never inexplicable.
(106) The Integrity of Prince Kanakavarman
(107) The Housholder Shudhodana's Wealth
(108) Jimutavahana's Sacrifice

(Story names from Leaves of the Heaven Tree, the Great Compassion of the Buddha by Padma Chopel, 19th century. Based on the Bodhisattvavadanakalpata of Kshemendra, 11th century. Translated by Deborah Black. Berkeley: Dharma Publishing, 1997).