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Buddhist Deity: Lokeshvara, Lokanata (Black, 12 Arms)

Avalokiteshvara (Types & Forms)

[24] "Arya Avalokiteshvara, Wrathful Lord of the World. Arya Avalokiteshvara, with five faces. The body and main face are black, the right two [faces] are white and red, the left two, yellow and green. Each [face] has three eyes, bared fangs and yellow hair bristling upwards. [With] twelve arms, the six right [hands] hold, a small drum, katvanga, hook, lasso, vajra and arrow. The left six, a wrathful [mudra], skullcup, red lotus, jewel, chakra, and bow. Possessing the six mudras and adorned with a garland of human heads. Wearing a tiger skin as a lower garment. Standing in a manner with the left leg extended." (sgrub thabs brgya rtsa nas bshad pa'i lha tshogs rnams kyi mngon rtogs rjes gnang gi cho ga dang bcas pa'i tho yig mun sel sgron me).

Video: Avalokiteshvara:Wrathful Forms

Jeff Watt [updated 4-2017]