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Buddhist Deity: Lokeshvara, Hala Hala

Hala Hala Lokeshvara | Avalokiteshvara (Types & Forms)

[19] Hala Hala Lokeshvara. Lord of the World Hala Hala, with three faces and six hands. The body and main face are white, the right blue, the left yellow and each has three eyes. With six hands, the three right hold, [the gesture of] supreme generosity, a bead garland and an arrow; the three left, touching the breast of a goddess of [the] desire [realm] sitting upon the knee, a white lotus stem with three branches and a bow. With a skull garland and half moon as a crown. Wearing jewel ornaments and a tiger skin as a lower garment. Seated in a precious cave in the lalitasana [posture]. At the right side is a snake coiled around a trident. At the left, resting above a lotus is a flower filled skullcup.

Jeff Watt [Uploaded 7-2014, page created 4-2017]