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The group of sixteen elders (sthavira) are based on an early Indian text possibly dating to the 4th century titled the Arya Nanda Mitra Avadana Nama (Tibetan: 'phags pa dga' ba'i bshes gnyen gyi rtogs pa brjod pa [TBRC W1PD95844, pp.1407-1419]). There are several different explanations concerning the origins of the popularity of the Sixteen Arhats in Tibetan and Himalayan religious culture.

The most widely known narratives come from the following teachers:
- Lume Tsultrim Sherab
- Dromton Gyalwai Jungne
- Lhatsun Ngagwang Rinchen
- Others...

Teachers who popularised the Sixteen Elders;
- Jowo Atisha
- Shakyashri Bhadra
- Others...

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