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Indian Adept: Virupa (Sculpture Set 1)

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The Six Forms of Shri Virupa (Graphical Version)
by Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo

"Om svasti! The Six Forms of Sri Virupa. [1] Holding the Sun. [2] Stopping the Ganga. [3] Dharma Teaching. [4] Creating Gold. [5] Splitting the Image. [6] Subduing the Thirtika Gods.

[1] First: with the body brown in colour, the right [hand] is in a threatening gesture, the left holds a nectar filled skullcup to the heart, seated in lalitasana. [2] Second: the body colour is blue-black, the palm of the right hand presses down on the seat, the left in a threatening gesture held upwards, in sattvasana. [3] Third: the two hands are held at the heart in the Dharma Teaching mudra, seated in sattvasana. [4] Fourth: the right [hand] presses on the seat, the left in a fist above the left knee, the two legs in a relaxed posture. [5] Fifth: the right hand is raised to the forehead in prayer, the left resting on the seat, in sattvasana. [6] Sixth: the thumbs of the two hands press on the two little fingers performing the three pronged vajra mudra, and those two are held at the heart, the left ring-toe presses on the right ring-toe. The first is not, but think that all the others are either blue-black or sky blue. [ ... ]

Compiled by the Yogi Rinchen Dorje from the diverse teachings of the Sakya Gongmas." (Collected Works, Vol.1, pgs.133-1-5, Poti Marchung, fol.435-436).

[Written by Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo (1382-1457). Translated by (copyright) Jeff Watt, Vancouver, Canada, May 1989, Rev: October 5, 1999]