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Buddhist Deity: Tara, Peaceful by Day, Wrathful by Night

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Tara: Peaceful by Day, Wrathful by Night

"Green Tara with the right hand in [the gesture of] supreme generosity, the left holding a blue utpala, adorned with heavenly garments and jewellery. The hair on the head is slightly bound on the left and loose on the right. Seated with the right foot extended in a playful manner."

"Tara, white, fierce, with three eyes, yellow hair flowing upwards. The right hand holds upraised a vajra [sceptre]. The left performs a pointing gesture at the heart [with the palm of the hand turned] towards the ground. Wearing tiger skin and a sleeveless leopard skin garment. Adorned with jewellery and a green snake belt. Standing with the right leg bent and the left straight." (bod brgyud nang bstan lha tsogs chen mo bzhugs so. Qinghai, 2001. Page 610).

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