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Articles & Papers | Introduction to Himalayan Art

The Himalayan Art Resources (HAR) website is inviting scholars, academics, graduate students and others to submit art or iconography papers for inclusion on the website.

The HAR website currently has over 100,000 images of art objects with more images being added or queued for upload on a regular basis. The task of identifying and cataloguing all of the image objects is daunting and time consuming. As an educational resource, and a not-for-profit organization, we invite the community of scholars and educators to join in helping to expand the knowledge base of the HAR website. HAR is not in a position to offer payment but we do offer a brighter future for the students that follow in this field.

The papers can be for large or small art sections or for individual art objects. Currently there are well over 5000 section (subject) pages. The submissions will be reviewed by the HAR editorial committee along with comments to the author where necessary for suggested, or necessary, edits.

Submissions can be in either English language, Chinese or Tibetan and will be posted to the HAR site in that language.

Accepted submissions will be accompanied by the authors full name, academic institution (where applicable), and date. Profile pages will also be added for regular contributors.

Thank you.

—- HAR Staff