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Mongolia Main Page

Mongolian Museums:
- Chojin Lama Temple Museum, Ulan Bator
- Danza Rabjaa Museum (Sainshand)
- Sainshand Museum (SRG Archive)
- Zanabazar Museum on HAR, Ulan Bator
- Winter Palace Museum, Bogd Khan (SRG Archive), Ulan Bator
- Others...

Temples, Monasteries & Locations:
- Danza Rabjaa Temple
- Dolonnor (Sculpture Style)
- Ganden Monastery, Ulan Bator
- Tashi Choling Monastery, Ulan Bator
- Buryatia, Siberia
- Others...

Museum Collections:
- Rubin Museum of Art Mongolia Collection
- American Museum of Natural History
- Buryat Historical Museum
- Others...

Outside Link: Kruizenga Art Museum at Hope College

Jeff Watt [updated 4-2019]