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Buddhist Deity: Marichi Iconography

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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Iconography Description
- Marichi in a Stupa
- Riding a Chariot
- Riding a Sow
- Red Forms (all)
- Yellow Forms (all)
- Holding a Needle & Thread
- Mandalas
- As a retinue figure: Tara, Three Deity Configuration
- Others...

Faces & Arms:
- One Face, Two Hands: HAR #87489, Ashokanta, Others
- Three Faces, Six Hands
- Three faces, Eight Hands (Kalpoktam)
- Three Faces, Fourteen Hands
- Five Faces, Ten Hands (Kalpoktam Vidhini Sita)
- Six Faces, Twelve Hands: Odiyana, Odiyana Krama
- Others...

Drub Thab Gyatsa:
29. Oddiyana Marichi
3O. Kalpoktam Marichi
31. Kalpoktam Vidhina Sita Marichi
32. Ashokakanta Marichi
33. Oddiyana Krama Marichi

Drub Thab Gyatso:
70. Marichi (1), White with Five Faces and Ten Hands
71. Marichi (2), Yellow with Three Faces and Eight Hands
72. Marichi (3), Yellow with Three Faces and Eight Hands
73. Marichi (4), Dharmadhatu Ishvari, Red with Six Faces and Twelve Hands
74. Marichi (5), Pichumi, Yellow with Three Face and Eight Hands
75. Marichi (6), Red with Three Faces and Twelve Hands

Mitra Gyatsa:
6. Marichi 25 Deity Mandala

Marichi Profile:
Gender: Female
Identity: Individual deity (not an emanation)
Tantra Identity: Mother of the Tatagata Family of Kriya Tantra
Tantra Class: Kriya Tantra
Source Text: Marichinama Dharani, Mayamarichijata Tantra
Function/activity: Removing obstacles
Metaphor: Light

Special Characteristics:
Appearance: Peaceful, semi-peaceful or wrathful
Colour: Yellow, red, black or white
Attributes: needle, thread
Consort: (none)
Mount: pig (sow), chariot drawn by pigs, horse

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Jeff Watt [5-2019]

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