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Buddhist Deity: Hevajra (Retinue Figures)

Hevajra Iconography

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Eight Retinue Figure Description (below)
- Two Armed
- Four Armed
- Masterworks
- Confusions
- Others...

Eight Goddesses (devi):
- Gauri, black, east
- Chauri, red, south
- Vetali, yellow, west
- Ghashmari, green, north
- Pukkashi, blue, north-east
- Shavari, white, south-east
- Chandali, purple, south-west
- Dombini, multi-coloured, north-west

"...in the east black Gauri, right hand holding a curved knife, left a rohita fish; south red Chauri, right hand holding a damaru, left a pig; west yellow Vetali, right hand holding a tortoise, left a skullcup; north green Ghashmari, right hand holding a snake, left a skullcup; north-east blue Pukkashi, right hand holding a lion, left an axe; south-east white Shavari, right hand holding a monk, left a monk's staff; south-west purple Chandali, right hand holding a wheel, left a plough; north-west multi-coloured Dombini, right hand holding a vajra, left a wrathful gesture. Also, all have one face, two hands, three eyes and yellow hair flowing upward; naked, adorned with five ornaments of bone; a crown of five human skulls and a necklace of fifty skulls. With the left leg extended and the right in a half-lotus posture, in a dancing manner, they stand in the middle of a blazing fire of pristine awareness." (Konchog Lhundrub).

Jeff Watt [8-2019]