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Jeff Watt [updated 10-2017]

Indrabhuti: the Enlightened Siddha King
(Abhayadatta Shri #42. Vajrasana #15).

The land of Oddiyana was divided into two kingdoms. The kingdom of Lankapuri was Brahmin and ruled by king Jalendra and the kingdom of Sambhola was Buddhist and ruled by king Indrabhuti.

Indrabhuti had a young sister named Lakshminkara of whom king Jalendra wanted his son to marry. Although the countries had religious differences, Indrabhuti agreed that when Lakshminkara was of age, she would move to Lankapuri to marry the prince. While Lakshminkara was still growing up in Sambhola she received religious teachings from the Guru Lawapa and began to practice diligently. When she was sixteen she finally traveled to Lankapuri to be wed but when she arrived, she became full of sadness and loathing for the world. She decided to flee and entered a cave where she continued to practice her meditations and achieved a level of success. She became a teacher of outcastes and eventually entered the Dakini's paradise.

When Indrabhuti finally heard what his sister had been doing he was very impressed and inspired. He decided to abdicate his throne to his son and enter a solitary retreat in a small palace where he practiced for twelve years.

One day his son, along with a full court, went to visit him and when they arrived and were about to open the door and enter his palace they heard a voice coming from the sky. Indrabhuti was sitting on a throne in the sky. He remained there for seven days where he gave teachings to his son and the royal court. Later, along with seven hundred disciples King Indrabhuti along with his son joined his sister in the Dakini's paradise.

Monty McKeever 3-2006