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Buddhist Deity: Hevajra (Nairatmya & the Right Leg)

Hevajra Forms

Hevajra Tantra Iconographic Form
--- 'Oral Instruction' Iconographic Form
--- Non-standard Iconographic Form
--- Nairatmya Standing on the Right Leg

Nairatmya in union with Hevajra typically stands on her left leg and wraps the right leg around the waist of the partner. There are a number of sculptural examples where this is reversed and she stands on the right leg. Currently this is unexplained in the original or commentary literature.

In some publications the images have been reproduced backwards which gave the impression that the right leg of Nairatmya was standing. The images below have been checked and reproduced in the correct orientation.

Jeff Watt 12-2019