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Buddhist Deity: Yamari, Rakta (Iconography & Religious Context)

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Sanskrit: Rakta Yamari Tibetan: Shin je she mar

Important Teachers: Shridhara, Virupa, Dombi Heruka.

[59] Rakta Yamari.
"Rakta Yamari, [with] one face and two hands. The right [hand] holds aloft a white stick marked with a fresh yellow human head. The left holds a blood filled skullcup embracing the consort of self light. The face has bared fangs and a curled tongue [and] three round red eyes. Having yellow hair bristling upwards [and] a lower garment of tiger skin. Adorned with the eight great nagas, a necklace of fifty fresh heads and a crown of five dry skulls. Standing on a red buffalo in a manner with the left leg extended." (The One Hundred Methods of Accomplishment by Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub (1497-1557), bibliographic information. Based on the Bari Gyatsa of Bari Lotsawa Rinchen Drag, 1040-1112 [P3731]).

Rakta Yamari Lineage, Thirteen Deity Mandala and Abhisheka: Bhagavan Yamari, Acharya Brahmin Paldzin, Virupa, Dombi Heruka, Biratipa, Gambhiramati, Nishkalamka, Deva Revandra, Prabhawa, Lama Gewai Shenyen Dorje Dzinpa Chenpo Lowo Lotsawa, Lama Chokyi Gyalpo.

Rakta Yamari Lineage, Five Deity Mandala, Abhisheka and Sadhana together with its Branches: Manjushri Yamari, Jnana Dakini, Acharya Virupa, Dombipa, Baritipa, Mati Garbha, Gambhira Mati, Nishkalamke Devi, Chal Lotsawa, Lord of Yoga Gvalo, Lama Chokyi Gyalpo (Chogyal Pagpa 1235-1280). [TBRC w25383, w25384].

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