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Subjects, Topics & Types:
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- Painting
--- Early Period Painting: 11th to 15th century
--- Middle Period: 16th to 17th century
--- Late Period: 18th to present
- Sculpture
--- Zanabazar Style
- Textiles
- Mandalas
- Regions
- Buddha/Buddha Appearance
- Buddhas, Who Are They? (Outline)
- Confusions: Amitayus Buddha
- Others...

- Amitabha Buddha
- Amitabha-Amitayus Conflation (HAR on Patreon)

There are two main forms of Amitabha:
- Buddha Appearance Amitabha (Nirmanakaya)
- Peaceful Appearance Amitabha (Sambhogakaya)

In the Mahayana Tradition of Buddhism a buddha is described as having three bodies: a form body (nirmanakaya), an apparitional body (sambhogakaya) and an ultimate truth body (dharmakaya). Amitayus is in the apparitional body. The ultimate truth body is without description.

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Five Buddhas: Charya & Yoga Tantras:
1. Vairochana | 2. Amitabha | 3. Akshobhya | 4. Ratnasambhava | 5. Amoghasiddhi

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