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Astrological Charts

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Art History & Resource Topics
- Masterworks
- Painting
- Sculpture
- Mandala
- Region
- Early Period: 11th to 14th century
- Middle Period: 15th to 17th century
- Late Period: 18th to present
- Body Mandala
- Tibetan Buddhist Anniversaries
- Resource Tools for Scholars
- Astrology Bibliography
- Charts Main Page
- Confusions
- Others...

Video: Astrological Art

Jeff Watt 3-2002 [updated 4-2017, 2-2020]

Bibliography - Astrology

Tibetan Astrology by Philippe Cornu. Translated from the French by Hamish Gregor. Shambhala: Boston and London, 1997.

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