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The second style is the Lotus hat made famous and modeled after the hat of Padmasambhava, one of the three popularly credited founders of Buddhism in Tibet. This hat is similar to the pandita hat in basic shape but without the lappets. The sides are folded up. It is multi-coloured and ornate with ribbons and a half vajra ornament at the top, or adorned with one or three vulture feathers. Some hats also have a bird feather above the vajra. This is the principal hat of the Nyingma tradition and can be worn by either monks or lay teachers. There are many varieties of Lotus hat, some small and some very large with greater or lesser ornamentation depending on the particular Nyingma tradition. The Payul branch of Nyingma has a unique Lotus hat identified by long lappets that hang down over the shoulders.

Lotus Hat: Nyingma (multi-coloured, various shapes)

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