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Walchen Gekho, Sangwa Dragchen (Tibetan-Wylie: dbal chen ge khod, gsang ba drag chen): a principal meditational deity within the highest classes of Bon esoteric teachings.

Fearsome in appearance with nine faces, eighteen hands and four legs, he is blue in colour, each face has three eyes and a gaping mouth with bared fangs. The faces extend upward with three white faces on the right, the middle blue with the uppermost that of a Garuda, and on the left three red. Above that, yellow hair swirls upward like flame. The eighteen hands hold weapons and objects of various kinds. A pair of Garuda wings is unfurled behind. The consort Logbar Tsame embraces her consort. Red in colour with three faces, yellow, white and red, she has six hands and two legs. Atop two lhu daemons, a sun and moon disc above a multi-coloured lotus blossom resting on a throne seat supported by various animals the horrific couple stands surrounded by the flames of wisdom fire.

For a more complete explanation and identification of the retinue figures see The Bon Religion of Tibet by Per Kvaerne. Serindia Publications: London, 1995. Plate #30 pages 98-99.

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