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The images below are the earliest known depictions of Hvashang the patron to the Sixteen Elders.

The examples of paintings below are 15th to 17th century depictions of Shakyamuni Buddha and the Sixteen Elders. Each painting also depicts an image of Hvashang the patron to the Sixteen Elders. These are the earliest examples of Hvashang on the HAR website. Although beginning to appear in some, although very few, compositions in the 15th century, Hvashang does not become popular until after the 15/16th century. In the 16th century painting sets of the Sixteen Elders became more common and the first images of Hvashang in a single composition belonging to a set are recorded.

Hvashang is not included in the famous Praise to the Sixteen Elders popularized by Shakyashri Bhadra, 1127-1225.

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