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Buddhist Deity: Vajrakila (Rinchen Terdzo)

Vajrakila Iconography

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description (below)
- Jangter Purba
- Chowang Purba
- Sangye Lingpa Purba
- Ratna Lingpa Purba
- Cho Ling Purba
- Ra Ton Purba
- Dudul Dorje Purba
- Khyentse Purba
- Chogyur Lingpa Purba
- Lung Lug Purba
- Gyu Lug Purba

The Rinchen Terdzo collection of 'Revealed Treasure' teachings of the Nyingma tradition was compiled by Jamgon Kongtrul (1813-1899 [TBRC P264]). The images below only include the central figure without any retinue figures.

Jeff Watt 2-2021