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Shantideva (8th century) appears in two different ways depending on the context of the painting or sculptural representation. He is also known as Bhusuku meaning someone that only eats, sleeps and defecates. Shantideva is commonly depicted as a monastic figure of India, a monk of Nalanda monastery. In modern times he is also included in the group known as the Seventeen Scholars of Nalanda. Shantideva belongs to the set of Eighty-four Mahasiddhas according to the popular systems of Abhayakara Gupta, Vajrasana and others. Several images below show Shantideva flying in the air in the appearance of a layman or in siddha appearance.

Shantideva is famous as the author of the two essential Mahayana commentaries the Bodhicharyavatara and the Shikṣāsamuccaya.

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