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Buddhist Deity: Tara, Green (Best Examples, Painting)

Green Tara Religious Context

Best Examples, Iconography:
- Painting (below)
- Sculpture
- Weak Examples (Green Tara)
- Best Examples Page

Video: Green Tara: Best Examples

Three Principal Characteristics:
- Triple bend posture (tribhanga)
- Right arm
- Left arm

Best examples and masterworks are always a subjective choice. For best examples, with regard to paintings, only the central image of the deity is selected without any consideration for the surroundings, background, secondary figures, region, date or art style. The examples are the best representations and models from the various textual descriptions for the particular deity. Good examples and models of the deity Green Tara in paintings and drawings can be used as instructional and sometimes inspirational in pursuit of accomplishing deity yoga practices in Vajrayana Buddhism.

The images below are selected as best examples based on the body form and physical proportions of the deity figure, facial characteristics, color, jewelry and garments, and painting condition. The surrounding halo and torana should always be relatively uncluttered and not distracting.

HAR #59692 is a gold fill composition of Green Tara. It has been selected as a best example because the form of the body is well proportioned with very clean lines.

Jeff Watt, 9-2021