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Buddhist Deity: Vajrabhairava (Best Examples, Painting)

Vajrabhairava Religious Context

Best Examples, Iconography:
- Painting (below)
- Sculpture
- Weak Examples (Vajrabhairava)
- Best Examples Page

Video: Vajrabhairava, Best Examples

Preliminary Considerations:
- Iconographic Form of Vajrabhairava
- Tibetan Tradition
- Artistic Tradition & Style

Iconographic Variations:
- Faces, circular or stacked
- Arms, fanned or overlapping
- Buffalo Face, forward or left facing
- Solitary or with Consort

There are many good painting examples of Vajrabhairava in several different iconographic variations. The nine faces can be circular or stacked, variation number one. The thirty-four arms can be fanned or overlapping, variation number two. The buffalo face can be forward facing or turned to the proper left side, variation number three. Vajrabhairava is either solitary or with the consort Vajra Vetali.

Jeff Watt, 9-2021